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CBHS is very fortunate and unique in that it has an endowment. There are very few high schools that are blessed with an endowment. Over the years, the Board has designated that amounts withdrawn from our Endowment be used to provide financial assistance for our students. Today, nearly 33% of our students receive some level of financial assistance thanks to the Endowment. The Endowment truly enables us to continue our mission as we strive to provide a college-preparatory education to all Brothers’ Boys, no matter their social-economic background.
The Endowment is intended and operated in a fashion to provide a permanent source of funding for CBHS. Each year a certain amount of the Endowment is withdrawn based upon a formula approved by the Board. This amount is then used to fund the financial assistance for our students. Over the years the Endowment continues to grow thanks to the ongoing generosity of alums, parents, grandparents and friends of CBHS and the earnings from the investments made by the Endowment.
Additionally, the Capital Campaign has transferred the proceeds it has received (more than $850,000) to-date relating to the Brother Joel William McGraw, FSC ’63 Faculty Endowment. This sub-endowment is also invested and its earnings will be used to fund faculty education and enrichment in the future.
Over the years, many individuals have contributed to the Endowment in honor of or in memory of classmates, friends, events, etc. to further support the mission of CBHS. Some of those honored over the years are listed below:

Alumni Endowment
This endowment is a place for undesignated endowment gifts used to help provide financial assistance based grants.
Brother Adrian Powers Memorial Fund
This honors the memory of Brother H. Adrian Powers, first Superintendent/Director at CBHS on Walnut Grove from 1965-1987, who completed the construction, furnished the school and weathered the debt on the school, making the final payments on it and establishing the endowment before he retired in 1987. Brother Adrian died in 2008.
Brother J. Bernard Zacheis Memorial Fund
Established in 2012 by an alumnus in memory of Brother Bernard, who was a special friend and mentor to him while he was a student at CBHS. His guidance and counseling also helped many other CBHS students in the same way.
Brother J. Leander Noone Family Assistance Fund
This was established in 1997 by Brother Leander’s family. Their desire was to assist CBHS with awarding financial aid to families needing assistance. This honors the memory of Brother Josiah Leander Noone, FSC, who taught freshman English at CBHS on Walnut Grove from 1966 until 1987.
Brother John Michael Memorial Fund
This honors the memory of Brother John Michael Vukits, teacher at CBHS on the Parkway in the 1940’s and teacher on Walnut Grove in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. He had a long list of grads who remained faithful to him over many years and flocked to see him when he came from Chicago for their reunions. One graduate, Mark Freeman ’48, originated the fund to honor the Brother who was most influential to him.
Brother J. Stephen O’Malley Memorial Fund
This honors the memory of Brother J. Stephen O’Malley, CBHS principal and teacher from 1958 until his death in 1992. He firmly established the good academic reputation of CBHS in Memphis and was an excellent teacher of Algebra I whose students revere his memory.
Brothers’ Boys Fund
Set up in 2007 by a donor who wishes to remain anonymous in honor of his son, a CBHS graduate. The gift was a result of the goodwill bestowed on the son while a student at the high school.
Brother JOEL WILLIAM McGRAW, FSC 63, Faculty Endowment
Recognizing his service, the Brother Joel Endowment Fund will help lay faculty expand their professional knowledge, deepen their personal faith and recognize them for exceptional teaching and service to the community. This could include, but is not limited to, graduate studies, Lasallian formation retreats, workshops and financial incentives.
Chad Eatherly Memorial Fund
Established in memory of Chad Eatherly ’96, who died of an undiagnosed heart malady on the morning he was to receive an award while a senior at the University of Missouri. Chad’s parents, Charles and Cheryl Eatherly, established the memorial in 1999.
Charles Bobbitt Memorial Fund
Established by his family in 2005 in memory of Chad Bobbitt, Class of 1996 graduate and University of Memphis student, who died of cancer in 2004.
Charlie W. Griesbeck, Jr. Memorial Fund
This honors the memory of 1963 graduate Charlie Griesbeck. It was established by his family and co-workers as a way to honor his long-time dedication to the CBHS community.
Chris Mosby Memorial Fund
Given to a student cancer survivor in memory of Chris Mosby, CBHS Class of 2006, who died in a car accident New Year’s Eve 2005 before his graduation in 2006.
Class of 1956 Reunion Fund
A class gift in 2006 in honor of their 50th year of graduation.
Class of 1962 Reunion Fund
In 2012 more than 30 graduates from the Class of 1962 decided to make a class gift to the school. Their efforts were to celebrate their 50th reunion by designating this gift to be used for financial assistance for future needy students.
Class of 1996 Bobbitt/Coulter/Eatherly/O’Reilly Memorial Fund
These are CBHS graduates who had untimely deaths soon after their CBHS graduations due to illness (Chad Bobbitt, Chad Eatherly) and auto accident (Michael Coulter), as well as Peter O’Reilly, who died in a car accident in 1994. A 2006 reunion gift by classmates began this endowed scholarship.
Clay Robertson Memorial Fund
Established in memory of Clay Robertson in 2011, an anonymous donor wanted others to join the fund to allow students to attend CBHS. Clay was a 2006 graduate who passed away in 2010.
Donald J. Waff Memorial Fund
This honors the memory of veteran CBHS teacher and one-man guidance/counseling department at CBHS both on the Parkway and on Walnut Grove. He was instrumental in organizing the CBHS alumni and shaping it to its present day with more than 11,000 living alums.
Dorothy S. Myers Memorial Fund
Established by Jay Myers ’74 in 2005 in memory of his mother, Dorothy S. Myers.
Father Charley Giacosa Memorial Fund
Set up in 2008 in memory of 1955 CBHS graduate, Hall of Famer and Diocese of Nashville priest Father Charles Giacosa who died in 2007. It is designed specifically to help assist any student whose family is in need of financial assistance.
Father Charley Giacosa Baseball Fund
Established in 2008 in memory of 1955 CBHS graduate Father Charles Giacosa, who died in 2007. This ensures the maintenance and upkeep of the current baseball field house and field.
F.J. and L.F. Menzer Memorial Fund
Named in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Menzer, the parents of CBHS graduates Oscar Menzer ’55 and Eddie Menzer ’58.
Frank Horton Memorial Fund
This honors the memory of former CBC and CBHS volunteer coach Frank Horton. He is remembered particularly for his cross country coaching at CBHS and the annual Cross Country tournament held in his honor at Shelby Farms. The award goes to a grad who wants to continue his running career in college.
Frank C. Saino, Jr. Memorial Fund
Established in 2012 by Frank’s wife, Jeanette. This scholarship was created at Frank’s request per his will after his death in 2011.
Grisanti Memorial Fund
Established in memory of Grisanti brothers, graduates Alfred “Elfo” Grisanti ’32, Arthur Grisanti ’41, John Grisanti ’47, and James Grisanti ’48, all Memphis restauranteurs.
Guererri Memorial Fund
Established in memory of CBHS grad Darwin Guerreri ’80 who died in an alumni basketball game played at St. Dominic gym 1995 and his brother Rick Guererri ’76, who died in 2004.
Hall of Fame Fund
This is a tuition assistance contribution each year by the more than 300 living CBHS Hall of Fame members.
Hudson-Pratt Family Fund
Established in memory of the members of the Hudson and Pratt families who graduated from the Brothers on Adams, Parkway and Walnut Grove.
James Bunn Memorial Fund
Established in memory of James W. Bunn, a 1998 CBHS graduate, who died in a car accident returning from his freshman year at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio. James’ memorial assists Lasallian Youth and was established in 1999 by his parents, Jesse W. Bunn and Lisa C. Hickman, Ph.D.
Jeffrey Robinson Memorial Fund
Established in memory of CBHS student Jeff Robinson who died in a car accident during his senior year in 1981.
James M. and Penny Roubion Honorary Fund
Established in 2012 by Jim (CBHS ’62) and Penny Roubion. As a member of the Legacy Society, it was their desire that these funds by used to advance the mission of the school of providing financial assistance to needy students.
Joel H. Porter Honorary Fund
A trust established by the family in honor of 1985 CBHS graduate Joel H. Porter.
Jon Bargiacchi Memorial Fund
This award is in loving memory of 2003 graduate Jonathan Bargiacchi, who passed away in 2009. Jon’s parents, Fred and Teresa Bargiacchi, set this up in 2013 to help others attend the school so loved by their son.
Joseph A. Canale Endowment
Established in memory of 1932 CBHS graduate and Hall of Famer Joseph Canale who died in 1999.
Josh Aiken Memorial Fund
Given by his parents in memory of Josh Aiken, CBHS sophomore who died in a car crash in the summer of 1992 before his junior year.
Judge Leonard D. Pierotti Endowment
This honors the memory of 1938 CBHS graduate and local Judge Leonard D. Pierotti. It helps pay the tuition for students whose families have had catastrophic losses.
K. David Tucker Memorial Fund
Given in memory of K. David Tucker, a 1986 CBHS graduate who died in 2011. This memorial was established in 2013 by his parents Kenneth and Carolyn Tucker.
Katherine Griffin McEniry Memorial Fund
Established in 1996 by Robert Q. McEniry in memory of his wife, its three-fold purpose is to assist a CBHS graduate who wishes to become a Brother, to help a student attend Vanderbilt University, and to assist a student in need of financial assistance.
L. Anthony Deal Memorial Fund
Established in 2007, this is given in memory of 1964 CBHS grad and attorney Tony Deal by his mother, Dr. Rosa G. Deal, language teacher at the high school on Parkway, and registrar and language/social studies teacher at the College.
Lasallian Jubilee Honorary Fund
Established in 2008 by an anonymous donor in honor of Dr. Mary McDonald, Catholic Schools Superintendent for the Diocese of Memphis, this allows a number of students from any Memphis Jubilee school to enter CBHS as freshmen.
Mary Ritten Fracchia Memorial Fund
This honors the memory of the deceased wife of 1961 CBHS graduate Ramon Fracchia. Mary was a CBHS cheerleader.
Meservey Honorary Fund
Established in 2012 by Mark and Amy Meservey as a way for them to support the need for financial assistance to qualifying, need-based families.
Pat Moran Memorial Fund
Established in 2013 to honor Patricia Moran, a long-time member of the CBHS community. Pat worked at CBHS as did her husband Jack. Her children, Jack, Jr., Tim, and Cathy are also heavily involved at the school. Proceeds are used for helping those in need of financial assistance.
Peter O’Reilly Memorial Fund
Established in memory of Peter O’Reilly, a CBHS sophomore who ran cross country and died in a car accident in 1994, the summer before his junior year.
Philip A. Bollheimer Memorial Fund
This was set up in 2011 by the family of Philip Bollheimer ’10 who died in a fatal car accident during his sophomore year of college. Their hope is that gifts to this fund will grow to the point that CBHS can assist selected students who need extra financial assistance for computer, and cafeteria fees.
Ralph Hale Band Memorial Fund
This honors the memory of legendary CBHS band director Ralph G. Hale who conducted the band from 1947-1983.
Regis W. and Janet D. Haid Honorary Fund
Established in 2002 by 1974 CBHS graduate and Hall of Fame member Dr. Regis Haid, a neurosurgeon in Atlanta.
Rusty Cavataio Memorial Fund
This was established in 2013 by Rusty’s family. Rusty (CBHS ’74) played football, basketball, and baseball while a student at CBHS. The family hopes that a freshman from each sport will accept this award as a tribute to his memory.
Schellman Family Endowment
Established in 2005 by 1993 CBHS graduate Chris Schellman in honor of his family.
Strickland/Stukenborg Memorial FUND
Honors the memory of brothers Garner Strickland ’43 and Don Strickland ’49 and brothers Al Stukenborg ’47 and Fred Stukenborg ’49.
Theo A. Cook Memorial Fund
Established in 2008 by David Cook ’69 to honor his mother by awarding a scholarship to any band member raised by a single parent.
Thomas R. and Kathryn C. Polk Memorial Fund
Established in 2011 by 1943 graduate Tom Polk in memory of his wife Kay who had passed away three years earlier. It is intended to assist financially needy families that want their son to attend CBHS.
Tom Tiffany Memorial Fund
This honors the memory of Tom Tiffany, long-time English teacher both on the Parkway and on Walnut Grove, who returned to CBHS in the 80’s in the counseling department. A very thorough and effective counselor, he died in 2004.
Urban E. Hilger Memorial Fund
This honors the memory of 1957 CBHS grad Urban Hilger who died in 1997, given by his mother, Irleen Hilger, who was librarian for many years on the Parkway campus.
Whitman Family Memorial Fund
Established in 2010 by C. Thomas Whitman ’55, Christopher T. Whitman ’85, and Michael Whitman ’90 to honor the family name by providing funds for a Jubilee School graduate to attend CBHS.
William Gossett Memorial Fund
This honors the memory of longtime speech and history teacher, as well as Go Brothers moderator and set designer, Bill Gossett, who taught at CBHS from 1968 to his death in 1999.
William J. Weedon, Sr. Memorial Fund
Established in memory of the father of 1965 CBHS graduate and teacher Bill Weedon.