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Christian Brothers High School

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Student Life Calendar

Engage in Our Community, Compete for the House Cup!

Student events at CBHS are organized and executed by our Brothers Leadership Council. From victory dances after games to cornhole in the courtyard, there's always an opportunity to have a good time with your friends and classmates on campus.

For students who show up and participate, you earn and accumulate House points as part of a year-long competition between Advisories. Trust us, the payoff for our House Cup Champions is legendary!


Get to Know the Brothers Leadership Council

See what's cooking in Heffernan Hall today!

We partner with SAGE Dining Services to provide wholesome, substantial meal options for our students.

Nothing brings boys together like a great meal so it comes as no surprise that lunch is an integral part of the student experience at Christian Brothers High School. Every student signs up for the meal plan, and we work with families as necessary with dietary restrictions. What's more is that our dining staff are beloved members of our community!