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Community Service

Community Service at CBHS

In the spirit of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, Christian Brothers High School is dedicated to being an impact center for the City of Memphis. As a source of great pride,CBHS requires each student to commit to the mission ofthe school as well as the mission of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools in service to those in need.

Areas of Service

VERY IMPORTANT: If you have questions about what qualifies as a service hour, contact the student's Religion/Ethics teacher or Service Coordinator Mr. Perry. Service organizations and activities not listed on this site or not announced in the Daily Bulletin must be pre-approved by the teacher. No one other than the teacher or Religion/Ethics Department Chair has the authority to approve service hours. When in doubt, ask the teacher in advance.

All students are required to submit a thoughtful, one-page reflection on their service, outlining:

  • What service was performed
  • How the service benefitted those served
  • Personal reflection on the insights gained through performing this service

The essay is due two weeks before the end-of-year service deadline and is assigned a significant grade. The service requirement is not complete until the paper is turned in and approved. Each Religion/Ethics teacher may determine the details of the paper. Be sure to e-mail the student's Religion/Ethics teacher with questions.

Direct Service to Those In Need

  • Requires the student to be in the presence of and interacting with those in need of service.
  • Service must be done through a recognized service agency in Memphis.
  • Examples: Tutoring or coaching, working at a soup kitchen, delivering meals to the homebound, building homes for Habitat for Humanity
Community Service

  • Volunteer, unpaid service that benefits those in need of help
  • Examples: CBHS Trivia Night, church activities, Blue Streak Foundation, or any fund raising activity that directly benefits those in need.
Special Notes

Students who miss either the December or the May service deadline will receive an incomplete and will be assigned summer school at the conclusion of the current school year. They are also expected to finish their service requirement by the end of the summer school session. At the successful completion of the summer school session, including completion of the remaining service hours, the Incomplete grade will be changed to the academic grade earned during the regular school year. If they do not attend the summer session or complete their service requirement, the semester grade will change to an F. There are no exemptions from the fall and spring deadlines. Exceptions for extraordinary situations will be handled by the Religion/Ethics teacher on a case-by-case basis. Students have an entire year to complete either 16 or 24 service hours and are expected to do so without exception and on time.

During the first week of school, teachers distribute a service contract to each student. Students and parents are asked to complete the contract and return it to the students Religion/Ethics teacher by Monday, August 21 (or sooner, at the discretion of the teacher). While the list of activities will in many cases be tentative, it should reflect that the student has investigated service possibilities and begun to plan for completing his hours on time. If there are questions, please e-mail the student's Religion/Ethics teacher.

Remember that service hours must be performed outside normal school hours.

List of 2 members.

  • Photo of Brad Luckett

    Brad Luckett 

    Christian Brothers University - B.A.
    Christian Brothers University - M.A.C.S.
  • Photo of Dustin Perry

    Dustin Perry 

    Math Faculty/ Service Coordinator
    Christian Brothers University - B.A. Mathematics
    Christian Brothers University - M.A.T.
    University of Memphis - M. S. Mathematics


Juniors and Seniors
24 total hours
(12 hours Direct Service and 12 hours Community Service)

Freshmen and Sophomores
16 total hours
(8 hours Direct Service and 8 hours Community Service)


2019-20 Deadlines

  • Fall 2019: Juniors and Seniors must have 12 hours completed by Tuesday, December 3.
  • Fall 2019: Freshmen and Sophomores must have 8 hours completed by Tuesday, December 3.
  • Spring 2020: Seniors must have remaining hours completed by Tuesday, April 21.
  • Spring 2020: Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors must have remaining hours completed by Tuesday, May 5.