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Clubs and Organizations


ALLIES is a student club where preconceived judgments are nonexistent. Social, economic, and cultural differences are laid aside for an open discussion of topics that arise nationally around race, socioeconomics, religion, sexual orientation, politics, and more. Ideas, thoughts, opinions, and feelings can be shared without hesitation to connect, understand, and appreciate each other's human differences.

Dr. Brummer and Mrs. Scully, Faculty Advisors


Bridge Builders® develops among high school students a group of future leaders who will lay aside individual, social, economic, and cultural differences to work for the benefit of all. It is a two-year program that comprises students from all public, private, and parochial high schools in the Memphis area. It is open to Sophomores who apply and are selected to fill the 16 CBHS membership positions at Bridge Builders.


Brothers for Life is for students interested in pro-life activities.  Members will have opportunity to attend the March for Life in Washington, D.C.

Mrs. Neuman, Faculty Advisor


Brothers in Medicine is a club for students interested in careers in the Medical Profession. 

Mrs. Everett, Faculty Advisor


Club activities include a Ducks Unlimited Event, and cookout at football games.


Members play weekly, and play a continuous campaign throughout the school year.

Ms. Cathlyn Tsirgiotis, Faculty Advisor


Compete nationally playing your favorite games including: Rainbow Six: Seige, Call of Duty, Fortnite, Madden, and more. All games are played from home, and tournament champions can earn up to $1,000 in scholarship money! There is a $50 fee for this club; the fee grants access to the four seasonal tournaments hosted by the High School Esports League (HSEL) for one calendar year. To see a complete list of games visit

Mr. John Niggl, Faculty Advisor


The French Club introduces students to the culture and customs of French society and instills members with a global perspective. Members must be enrolled in a French course at CBHS.

Mrs. Elizabeth Boone, Faculty Advisor


The Guitar Club is open to anyone who likes to play, would like to learn to play, or can help others improve their guitar playing.

Mr. Richard Branyan, Faculty Advisor


The Honor Council addresses any reported violations of the CBHS Honor Code and makes recommendations to the administration regarding action that should be taken. The students serving on the Honor Council are selected annually by a student voting process and confirmed by the faculty.

Mr. Jay Ranson and Mrs. Jennifer McConnell, Faculty Advisors


Tennessee Wildlife Federation’s Hunters for the Hungry program is a way to provide healthy, much-needed protein to Tennessee’s citizens in need while helping to manage the state’s deer herd. Hunters for the Hungry partner with certified wild game processors who receive donated venison during white-tailed deer season, process the meat and make it available to local food banks and soup kitchens.

Msgr. McArthur, Faculty Advisor


JCL is for students interested in Classical Studies, including Latin. Club activities include the JCL State Convention, Festivus, and meetings.

Mr. Richard Branyan, Faculty Advisor


Key Club is a student-led organization that teaches leadership through serving others. Part of the Kiwanis International family, Key Club members build themselves as they build their schools and communities. CBHS Key Club will provide at least 60 hours of service to the community per member per year. Membership requires GPA of at least 3.00 and teacher recommendations.

Mrs. Boone, Faculty Advisor


The Knowledge Bowl Team comprises 10 Varsity members and 6 Junior Varsity members selected through written and oral competition. The "Brain Wave" participates in academic contests throughout the year. Five varsity members also compete for scholarship funds as part of WREG-TV's Knowledge Bowl competition.

Mrs. Hines and Mr. Wood, Faculty Advisors


Lasallian Youth is an organization formed in the tradition of the founder, St. John Baptist De La Salle. We are part of a worldwide organization that works to promote a spirit of faith, service, community, and social justice on campus and in the broader community. Open to all students.

Mr. Dustin Perry, Faculty Advisor

MOCK TRIAL CLUB (Brothers-in-Law)

Students acquire a working knowledge of our judicial system and develop analytical abilities and communication skills. Members participate in rehearsed trials to learn about the legal system through local competitions.

Mr. Greg Krog, Advisor


Do you only enjoy leisurely rolls down smooth streets in the crisp autumn air? Do your rides usually end at a French bakery or the local coffee shop? Does your Huffy still have training wheels and a rusty chain? If you answered yes to all of these questions, then this club might not be for you. Otherwise, note that the CBHS Mountain Bike Club is for students with a spirit of adventure who aren’t afraid to ride hard and get dirty. We have riders of all different ability levels, so whether you want to compete in local high school races or you just want to meet up with some buddies for a group ride at Shelby Farms, this club might be what you’re looking for. The mountain bike season covers both fall and spring semesters, with optional rides during the winter and summer. Team uniforms are available for purchase.

Mr. Shawn Morgan, Faculty Advisor


This organization comprises students who are interested in learning more about politics and government. Members participate in a number of conferences throughout the year including the Model U.N. and YMCA Youth Legislature. Open to all students.

Mr. Vaughn, Faculty Advisor


Our goal is to allow CBHS students the opportunity to design, build, and program a robot to compete in the FIRST Technical Challenge competitions. The team will have the opportunity to learn from mentors with both technical and nontechnical backgrounds enabling an unparalleled learning experience. Throughout the process, the students will learn documentation and collaboration skills. Through all our programs, we seek to instill FIRST’s ideal of Gracious Professionalism, which holds that even when in competition every student will be courteous an even help opponents to overcome technical issues.

Mr. Allen Higginbotham, Faculty Advisor


Open to students interested in the language and culture of Spanish-speaking countries.


Ambassadors are students who will represent CBHS with pride, who know the school, have good communication skills, and would be good role models for future students. Their primary role is to serve as hosts and tour guides to campus visitors, particularly prospective students and parents. Students interested is applying for a limited number of positions must participate in a training program.  Applications accepted in the spring semester.

Mrs. Volpe and Mrs. Sublette, Faculty Advisors