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Brothers Leadership Council

Brothers Leadership Council

Serving your school, Leading your community


Student events at Christian Brothers High School are organized and led by our Brothers Leadership Council. From victory dances after football games to cornhole in the courtyard before school, the BLC organizes some incredible events for our students to engage. For students that show up and participate, you earn points for a year-long competition between the Advisors.

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Preamble of the BLC Constitution

We the Brothers' Boys of Christian Brothers High School, in order to provide a more perfect student government, create optimal conditions for students to reach maximum potential in service of others, enhance school pride, ensure collaboration with the faculty, connect every student to his community, promote a fraternal experience, create leaders for the betterment of society, and develop character, do hereby form the Brothers Leadership Council. 

The Constitution of the Brothers Leadership Council

2022 Brothers Leadership Council

President: Walker Henderson

Vice-President: Will Brownlee

Executive Cabinet

Santiago Calderoni ‘24

Whit Collard ‘23

Jack McLaughlin ‘23

Eddie Perez ‘23

Artie Rodriguez ‘24

Jackson Saatkamp ‘24

Michael Spain ‘23

Senior Representatives

Shane Faulkner

Ryan Hall

Samuel Hooten

Matty Wackerfuss

Junior Representatives

Cullen Bummer

Campbell Gossett

Harrison Kane

Burke Wade

Sophomore Representatives

George Brewer

Vinnie Heeney

Miller McCormack

Luke Sublette

Appointed Members

Manus McMeen

Ward Simmons