Reopening Plans

In accordance with the changing climate of COVID-19, and in taking proactive steps to provide as safe and healthy a learning environment for our Brothers' Boys as possible, Christian Brothers High School will continue to follow a hybrid learning model through the second quarter of the 2020-2021 academic year.

  • While all risks cannot be mitigated in today’s climate, the safety of our students, our families, our faculty, and our staff are of the utmost importance as we reopen. 
  • We also realize that different families have different comfort levels concerning a return to campus. CBHS will provide distance-learning accommodations for any students who wish to attend class remotely and for students who must remain home for temporary periods of time this school year.

As plans are updated, protocols are outlined, and new data emerges related to the severity of the coronavirus in the Memphis area, all details will be shared in real-time on this page regarding our reopening and the specifics of our hybrid learning model.

Your feedback is invaluable to us. If for any reason you wish to voice concerns related to your son's academic experience at CBHS, please contact Dr. Jamie Brummer at

Reopening Plans at CBHS

List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • Learning Never Stops

    Why is CBHS following a Hybrid Learning Model?

    Our hybrid learning model is meant to provide five days of instruction per week to each student and decrease by half the number of students on campus daily. Teachers will provide synchronous instruction to both students on campus and students attending remotely from home.

    • Our existing technology, including equipment and access to our learning management system and Microsoft Teams, enables us to both share our in-class lessons with students remotely in real-time and actively engage all students during every class period.
    • The last 10-15 minutes of each period will be “offline,” allowing our students at home to break from their screens while students on campus can wrap up the period with their teachers and begin sanitizing procedures prior to moving to their next class.

    What will my son's weekly schedule be in this model?

    Every student has received an A-Day Schedule or B-Day Schedule assignment.
    Students on the A-Day Schedule attend on campus Mondays and Thursdays and learn remotely from home on Tuesdays and Fridays. Conversely, B-Day Schedule students attend class remotely on Mondays and Thursdays and learn on campus Tuesdays and Fridays.

    Wednesdays alternate between A-Day and B-Day schedules on a week-to-week basis. Refer to our school calendar for any schedule clarification. This graphic illustrates our schedule for October following Fall Break:

    Does my son have the option to attend school on campus all five days? 

    Our hybrid learning model (with half of the student body on campus at a time) provides five days of synchronous instruction each week while maximizing social distancing on campus. It is not possible at this time to allow students to attend on campus all five days. CBHS will increase the number of on-campus days for students as the COVID-19 situation in Shelby County permits.

    I have more than one son attending CBHS. Will they be scheduled to attend on the same day? 

    Yes, our A-Day and B-Day Schedules are designed so that siblings attend school on campus the same days each week. 
    Will we still have advisory? What is the daily schedule?

    Yes. We will operate under a “normal” daily schedule every day with 45-minute classes and an advisory period for students who are on campus, following our Bell Schedule.

    Wednesdays are an exception when we follow a late-start schedule with no advisory to accommodate our weekly faculty meeting. Students attend from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. on this day every week.

    What is the procedure for families who choose to have their son(s) attend exclusively online? 

    The option for students to attend CBHS as distance learners is always available. Please contact to explore this option further.

  • Keeping Our Distance

    How will students change classes on campus?

    • Students will be asked to move directly to their next class, and not congregate in hallways, with traffic patterns noted and monitored.
    • The 200 hallway will be limited to only those students entering room 201 or the library.
    • Limited outdoor traffic will be permitted as weather permits.

    How will group collaboration work, and will students share materials?

    • As long as masks are worn and social distancing is observed, students may work in groups.
    • Sharing materials will be strictly monitored and avoided.

    Will all-school Masses or assemblies take place?

    • Masses and other large assemblies will not be permissible for the foreseeable future.
    • We will live stream or record events to share during advisories and at other times as appropriate.
  • Additional Health & Safety Protocols


    What steps should I take if I come in contact with someone who may be or has tested positive for COVID-19?

    • If you have been in contact with any individual (e.g. student, teacher, coach, staff member, family member living in your household, etc.) who has symptoms consistent with contraction of the coronavirus with no known exposure, and the individual is awaiting test results, you must self-quarantine until he or she has received a negative test result.
    • Anyone who tests positive or has been exposed to an individual who has tested positive (within a 6-foot range for more than 10 minutes) will quarantine at home for a minimum of 14 days

    What protocols are in place to ensure the health and safety of CBHS students while on campus?

    • In consultation with our partners at Baptist Memorial Hospital, Campbell Clinic, Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare, and the Shelby County Health Department, each consistently stresses the three Ws: WEAR a mask, WATCH your distance (6 feet or more), and WASH (or sanitize) your hands
    • Our plan prioritizes this and reduces the likelihood that an entire classroom would need to be quarantined. We will use seating charts in all classes and in Heffernan Hall, and attendance will be tracked during any extracurricular activities to facilitate contact tracing and symptom monitoring.
    • If a student is feeling ill on campus, he will be directed to the school's main office, where CBHS administration will be notified to conduct a screening in a dedicated and isolated space. A student who is symptomatic will go home immediately or be isolated under supervision until pickup.

    Will masks be required?

    Masks will be required for everyone while on campus, especially while indoors and within close range of others. Masks may only display CBHS logos. Otherwise, masks must be a solid color with no messaging or symbolism.

    Masks are to be worn in classrooms, hallways, to and from vehicles, and to any building on campus. Masks are to be worn in Heffernan Hall unless seated and eating.

    What type of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be in place at CBHS?

    While we ask that everyone on campus procure their own masks, Christian Brothers High School will have a back-up supply to issue as necessary. Face shields will be provided for faculty and staff members who wish to wear one in addition to a mask. Plexiglass dividers will be installed as needed in classroom and communal spaces, and each space will be outfitted with cleaning and sanitation supplies.


    What are the cleaning/sanitizing procedures for classrooms at the end of each period?

    • Students will sanitize their hands at the end of each class period.
    • Desks will be sanitized at the end of each period.

    Will the students be able to use water bottles and drinking fountains?

    All water fountains will be available to fill bottles, but not to drink from directly. Water fountains will be cleaned and sanitized regularly throughout the day. Outside of Heffernan Hall, students may only drink from clear, CBHS-branded water bottles, which will be distributed to students during orientation.

  • Financial Concerns

    Will CBHS reduce tuition? 

    The COVID-19 pandemic has created financial challenges for individuals and institutions alike. We are committed to working with families who are experienc
    ing financial hardship, and we ask that you contact David Herig at to discuss options available to you.

    Because these unusual circumstances have increased operational expenses and decreased sources of revenue at CBHS, we are unable to offer a blanket tuition reduction at this time. Should the situation necessitate an extended move to exclusive online learning, our Board of Directors will revisit this important issue.

    Will I receive a rebate for dining services? 

    CBHS will rebate lunch fees for as long as our hybrid learning model is in place. Overpayments will be returned at the end of the semester.
  • Contingency Plans

    Should campus closure be required or necessary due to extreme levels of coronavirus spread in our community, our existing technological infrastructure and experience will allow us to seamlessly pivot to distance learning. Alternatively, should the rate of spread dissipate or improve dramatically in the Memphis area, CBHS can resume classes with all students on campus. Families will be kept abreast of all updates related to changes in how students will attend class at CBHS.
  • Athletics

    CBHS Athletics is currently operating in compliance with Shelby County Health Department and TSSAA guidelines. Review our Football Health & Safety Protocols.

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