Our parents are our most valued partners as we educate our students to be Men for Tomorrow and Brothers for Life! On this page you’ll find helpful information about the CBHS Parents Association as well as links to Parent Resources that will help guide you through your son’s four years at CBHS.

CBHS Parents Association
Every parent at CBHS is automatically a member of the Parents Association and is encouraged to be an active participant in all sponsored events. The Parent Association is led by this year’s Parent Officers, House Leaders, and the Parents Association Coordinator, Mrs. Tish Montesi. The Parents Association hosts numerous events throughout the year for all parents. Individual House events are also hosted to encourage networking, camaraderie, and parent-to-parent communication within each House. Parents who are actively engaged in the Parents Association find their years at CBHS more fulfilling and tend to be more well-informed about their son’s education and activities.
There are many ways to get involved at CBHS: weekly Parents in Prayer meetings, semester Parents Association Meetings, pre-game tailgates, House events, and numerous other volunteer and social opportunities throughout the year.
CBHS Parent Resources

In addition to providing networking and engagement opportunities for parents through the CBHS Parent Association, CBHS believes it’s important to build partnerships with parents to guide their sons through the high school years. By joining together as a community, we feel we have the best chance to effect change, encourage positive growth, and help our students make the best choices to set them up for future success. To accomplish this, CBHS provides numerous resources to help parents support their sons’ academic and personal development -- outside speakers, online resources, and parent education, just to name a few.
On this page you will find links to some of the most frequently used sources of parent information, as well as a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs). In addition to the information provided on our webpage, a support team of teachers, counselors, and other CBHS parents is always available to you.


List of 9 frequently asked questions.

  • What is the School Drop Off/Parking Lot Procedure?

    All vehicles entering the CBHS parking lot must enter at the traffic light or from the one-way entrance located on Humphrey Boulevard directly behind the school. Students who are parking may proceed to their assigned parking spaces. All other drivers must use the right-hand lane closest to the school building, drop off the students at Heffernan Hall or at the Bell Tower, then leave the parking lot. The lefthand lane is not to be used to drop off students. It is only for students driving to their spaces. It is extremely dangerous to drop off students from the left lane! Those leaving the parking lot and heading west may use the west exit.   To leave the parking lot going east or south, drivers are to use the east exit at the traffic light. All other drivers should leave using the west exit in the mornings. During afternoon dismissal, the one-way drive behind the school opening onto Humphrey Boulevard may be used to exit the campus.

    Students should arrive in the parking lot at least fifteen minutes before their first class begins. Maximum speed in the parking lot is 15 miles per hour, and safe driving is expected always. Cell phones should not be in use by the driver in the parking lot. To ensure that all parents and students are paying attention to their surroundings, no driver should be talking on phones or texting while driving or waiting in line in the parking lot.   Student departures: Students may be picked up in front of Heffernan Hall, the Bell Tower, the Band Hall, the Lavecchia Wing, or in front of McEniry Hall. Parents arriving to pick up students may park in the vacated spaces near these locations.
  • Whom do I contact if my son is having difficulty in a class?

    Always contact your son’s teacher first. If you need additional assistance you may contact the Head of the Department (listed first under the department heading) or your son’s school counselor.  CLICK HERE FOR LIST OF FACULTY OFFICE HOURS.
  • What academic resources are available to CBHS students?

    Teachers... The First Resource
    Always contact your son’s teacher first. If you need additional assistance you may contact the Head of the Department (listed first under the department heading) or your son’s school counselor. For Faculty Office Hours click here.

    Academic Peer Mentoring Program 
    The Academic Peer Mentoring Program is designed for any student who needs extra support outside of the classroom.  The program will:

    • Evaluate the student’s current study habits
    • Encourage development of effective study habits tailored to the individual student
    • Provide academic assistance with homework and preparing for tests

    Contact your school counselor for referral to the Academic Peer Mentoring Program.  Students will be matched with an academic peer mentor based on meeting times, academic needs, interests, and involvements. 

    Math Lab
    The peer-led Math Lab meets every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 7:15 a.m. and every Tuesday afternoon at 3:00 p.m. in Room 108 for any student needing help in Math. Students should also contact their teachers if they are having difficulty and seek peer tutoring through their academic counselor.

    Language Lab
    Schedule and details TBD.

    One Search
    One Search is the premier one-stop resource for source information for papers, essays, class projects, and research topics. It can be accessed at (Login is required if accessing ONE SEARCH off campus). For additional help, e-mail Mrs. Patty Scully at

    Study Skills:
    Students are encouraged to contact their teachers or counselors for help in improving their study skills. A study skills tutorial is available online through “High School Success Skills” in Prep Step at

    Access “Fostering Your Teen’s Success” here.  Presented at the Oct. 24 Parent’s Association meeting, the presentation by Ben Boeving, ADHD Consultant, provided a wide array of suggestions for helping students stay focused, be organized, and reach their academic goals… great tools for all students!
  • Does CBHS have a Safe Home pledge?

    CBHS recognizes the role of parents in providing safe home environments to create healthy social opportunities for our students.  We ask that each CBHS parent agree to provide active chaperones who remain informed of what is occurring throughout events that are hosted at their homes and to ensure that students do not have access to, nor engage in the consumption of alcohol or drugs.
  • Whom do I contact if I my son is having difficulty adjusting?

    If you have any concerns about your son’s well-being, or if there are changes at home that you’d like the school to be aware of, please contact your son’s school counselor. The counselor’s name is located on your son’s contact card that can be accessed by logging into the CBHS website.
  • How can I get involved?

    In addition to supporting and attending your son’s extracurricular activities at CBHS, the Parent’s Association is a great way to meet other parents, stay informed, and support the school. There are numerous volunteer opportunities and Parent Association and House events to attend throughout the year.
  • What is the CBHS Drug & Alcohol Policy?

    Christian Brothers High School regards the use, possession, or sale of any illegal substance, including alcohol, synthetic drugs, and prescription drugs, as a situation of major concern both for the individual and for our other students. If it is determined that a student at CBHS is in possession of or under the influence of any illegal substance or has provided or distributed any illegal substance to other students, he may be dismissed from CBHS immediately.   If the student is not immediately dismissed, the student will be immediately suspended from all classes until a meeting with his parents/guardians and the school administration can take place. Upon the student’s return to CBHS, whether he has received treatment or not, he must maintain the standards and regulations of the school, or he will be asked to withdraw from CBHS immediately.  
    During the course of the school year, ALL students will be randomly selected for drug testing at least once. All results are confidential. After the initial testing, each student’s name will be placed back into a pool for further random testing.  If a student tests positive, the Associate Principal for Student Formation will meet with his parents and inform them of the results. The student will be tested again after 90 days, extending even into summer vacation at the family’s expense. A second positive test result during a student's enrollment at CBHS will result in expulsion.

    CBHS provides several outreach programs to discourage the use of illegal drugs and alcohol and to encourage the CBHS student to lead by example in this area. When possible, CBHS will cooperate in helping individual students who experience prolonged absences for substance abuse treatment. (See “Counseling – Students Enrolled in Outpatient Programs” in the CBHS Handbook.) Parent education programs take place throughout the school year to guide parents/guardians as mentors to their sons. A list of events follows:  - Freshmen and transfer students/guardians and their parents must attend a drug/alcohol awareness - session in the first semester. - Before the Homecoming Dance and Prom, students are required to meet with the Principal in an assembly to discuss safe behaviors. - Before the Prom an evening parent meeting is held to discuss drug/alcohol awareness with parents/guardians of students attending the prom. - Religion and Ethics classes give instruction each year on moral issues involved with drug/alcohol abuse. Additionally, freshman and sophomore students study health issues related to alcohol/drug use in classes. - Parents/guardians and students are actively encouraged to sponsor and participate only in alcohol/drug free events for their children and to have adult chaperones present and visible whenever hosting student-attended gatherings in their homes. - Before dances and athletic events, students are randomly tested on a breathalyzer to gain admission to the event. The chaperones for a school dance or athletic event may breathalyze any CBHS student based upon suspicion of being under the influence of alcohol.
  • How can I support CBHS?

    In addition to telling others about the good things happening at CBHS, parents may choose to donate to the school by going to .
  • Does CBHS Offer Driver Education?


    Twice a year, CBHS provides classroom space after school for the Pitner Driver Education Program to provide driving instruction for CBHS students. A fee is charged by the Pitner School for the two-week course, and the dates for registration and course are published in the CBHS School Calendar. For the 2019-20 school year, driving instruction will take place Monday, November 11 through Friday, November 22 and Monday, April 20 through Friday, May 1.

    Before the states will issue permits to drive, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi require CBHS to verify the school attendance of its students. A form for such attendance verification is available in Stephan Hall lobby from the receptionist at CBHS. These forms are only available during school hours, which are limited during summer months. Obtaining permits and licenses during school time is not permitted.

Thank You

Thanks to all parents for their participation in the 2019-20 CBHS Annual Fund, thus making Brotherhood possible for more boys. Because of you, AMAZING things are happening here!

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