Daily Announcements

Daily Announcements

  • Mission Results

    Together we collected $1650.80 for the Child Discovery Center.  Totals included:
    Abban House        $4.75/man
    Schneider House  $3.44/man
    Clement House     $2.47/man
    Individual Advisories:
    367  $12.47/man
    364  $10.32/man
    112    $3.69/man
    Thanks for your continued support for our brothers and sisters at the Child Discovery Center!
  • Costa Rican Exchange program

    Hola brothers, you have the opportunity of a lifetime to travel to Costa Rica this summer and participate in an exchange program with La Salle High School.  Everyone at CBHS can apply but space is limited. This will be a fantastic opportunity to improve your Spanish, learn about another culture, experience the rain forest, beaches, volcanoes, and amazing cities in Costa Rica.  Use this link to sign up and get more information regarding the program.  https://goo.gl/forms/Ho54CLpntPiC4jws2
  • Youth in Government

    There is a mandatory meeting immediately after school this Friday January 18th in Rm 356 for anyone attending Youth in Government. If you cannot attend you must contact Mr. Vaughn or Adam Nathan before Friday”
  • Parent in prayer

    Parent in prayer will meet on Mondays at 8:10 in the Brother chapel.   Communion service will follow.
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