Seniors Commit to Play Athletics at the College Level

Congratulations to 10 Christian Brothers High School seniors Kells Hecht, Franco Nayan, James Enterline, Sloan McHugh, Nino Barnes, Tyler Casey, Constantin Campbell, J.T. Durham, Reid Voss, and Ben Brocato, who made official commitments to playing sports at the college level at the Spring Signing Day, held Wednesday, April 17, at CBHS Heffernan Hall.
- Tennis player Kells Hecht will attend Millsaps College. He is the son of Michael and Silvia Hecht of Memphis.
- Lacrosse player Franco Nayan, the son of Francisco and Felina Nayan of Memphis, will attend Birmingham Southern College. His teammate James Enterline will play at Illinois Institute of Technology. He's the son of Andrew and Murrey Enterline of Memphis.
- Four CBHS cross country and track stars will compete at the college level. Sloan McHugh will run at High Point University. His mother Lauren Robinson and stepfather Eddie Robinson of Memphis attended the signing ceremony. Nino Barnes, the son of Thomas and Toni Barnes of Memphis, will attend Lees McCrae. Tyler Casey, the son of Michael and Delise Casey of Collierville, and Constantin Campbell, the son of Daniel and Balinda Campbell of Memphis, both received appointments to the U.S. Naval Academy.
- Three baseball players will commit at the next level: J.T. Durham, the son of Guy and Anita Durham of Memphis, will play at Northeast Mississippi Junior College, and Reid Voss, the son of Stephen and Amanda Voss of Cordova, and Ben Brocato, the son of Michael and Shannon Brocato of Memphis, will both attend Christian Brothers University.
- Another senior who committed, soccer player Bergin Kranz, will attend Holy Cross. He, along with head soccer coach Nick Glaser, were out of town at a soccer tournament and unable to attend the ceremony. He is the son of Dwight and Anna Kranz of Rossville. Kranz signed on April 24 in a separate ceremony.
Also attending were CBHS President, Brother David Poos, FSC, Athletic Director Mike Kelly, head baseball coach Buster Kelso, head lacrosse coach Collin Welsh and assistant Aaron Falkenstein, tennis coach Cedric De Zutter, track and cross country coach Nick Dwyer, and family, friends, and former CBHS players.