CBHS cheerleaders help through St. Jude Varsity Leadership Experience

The St. Jude Varsity Leadership Experience was held April 7-8 at the St. Jude Hospital campus. CBHS was one of the top 5 fundraising teams in the country through the Varsity letter writing campaign. The top three fundraisers from each team and a coach had the opportunity to attend. All of our cheerleaders (27 last year) participated in the letter writing. Keeley Childress coaches the CBHS cheerleaders.

Below are testimonials from the three cheerleaders.

"My experience at St. Jude was absolutely life changing. During our stay, we visited the Target House and the hospital. At the Target House, we got the opportunity to serve patients and their families and paint with the patients. Getting to meet the kids was such an amazing experience because they are the happiest and most selfless kids that I have ever met. I never saw one child that looked sad. Eevery single one of them had a smile on their face. Being able to partake in putting smiles on their faces brought me so much joy! They left a huge mark in my life, and they all have a huge part in my heart.

"Fundraising for St. Jude is important to me because I know what my donations mean to the hospital and the patients and their families. Patients at St. Jude do not have to pay ANYTHING. Everything from housing and transportation to medications and treatment is covered. This is why I fundraise and donate. I encourage everyone to find ways to fundraise and donate to St. Jude; whether it be money, or even donating toys to their wishlists."
 - Raegan Bernard, junior, St. Agnes Academy

"The St. Jude Varsity Leadership Experience was an amazing opportunity where I was able to see inside the world of St. Jude Research Hospital and the incredible people inside it. The ability to interact with St. Jude patients and their families helped me become more grateful for my health and relationships. With this experience, I now am able to better understand the importance of fundraising and supporting St. Jude and their mission. The cheerleaders that attended this event with me and I are already beginning to promote St. Jude within our school and teams. The St. Jude Varsity Leadership experience gave me a great amount appreciation for those working and staying at St. Jude, and I am ready to continue fundraising to give back to St. Jude and their families."  - Embry Bird, sophomore, St. Agnes Academy

"My experience at St. Jude was very eye opening and humbling. We tend to take it for granted since it is in our backyard, but it truly is a one-of-a-kind place. It really did not feel like a hospital, but more of a home away from home for children. The research facility was also very impressive, especially seeing all of the different countries that the doctors and researchers come from. Interacting with the patients at the Target House was a great experience, especially seeing all the celebrities who have donated so much of their time and money to this organization. Since no family ever receives a bill from St. Jude, fundraising and donations are a crucial part of it. Seeing all of the smiling faces of the patients and their families really showed me how life-changing St. Jude is and how truly important our donations are to them and the families there." - Chloe Carlock, sophomore, St. Agnes Academy