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Christian Brothers High School

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Campus Ministry

Student Ministry

Juniors and seniors at CBHS have the opportunity to work with the Campus Ministry team to help create, plan, organize, and execute on- and off-campus ministry events. They assist in the development of school-wide prayer services and lead worship activities.
They also serve as small group leaders during the sophomore retreat and are trained as ministers to serve at Masses as altar servers, lectors, and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. These students actively and consistently work to strengthen their own faith so that they can lead other students in their faith formation.

Mission & Ministry

Mrs. Lindsey Neuman

Director of Mission & Ministry

Mr. Timothy Neuman

Mr. Dustin Perry

Math Faculty/ Service Coordinator


Throughout the school year we reflect on the Five Core Principles of Lasallian Education, seeking to manifest them in the lives of the CBHS community through their respective virtues. Virtues are the firm and habitual dispositions to do the good. For each core principle, the first virtue is applied to form the personal and interior disposition that embodies the spirit of that core principle, and the second virtue is concerned with practically exercising the core principle in our daily actions. Each month, our school's prayers, advisory activities, and school Masses focus on a different virtue to form students in the way of life of a Brothers’ Boy.

Year-Round Opportunities for Faith Formation

Here come the Brothers!

Our teams provide an opportunity for students from all walks of life to come together and learn the true value of integrity, teamwork, accountability, and cooperation.