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Football - Freshman

Purple Wave Football

CBHS Football has a proud history that includes numerous college student-athletes, some professional players, and thousands of Brothers. We stand as together as Brothers, a Wave of Purple and Tradition unlike anywhere else. Thrive for the gold!

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Discover all the Brotherhood has to offer!

From rigorous academics and competitive athletics, to student leadership and extracurriculars, to community service and spiritual growth, opportunities abound here. Discover why the student experience at Christian Brothers High School is unlike any other.


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Check out the Live Broadcasts of all games to listen on both player and coach's interviews each week!




# Name Position Class
Jeremiah Amuzu 2026
Brandon Bardos 2026
Ari Bichelman 2026
Maddox Brasfield 2026
Max Cosio 2026
Jackson Dennie 2026
John Rex Dockery 2026
Diego Estrada 2026
Jake Fister 2026
Charlie Floyd 2026
Will Fogerty 2026
Cole Frasure 2026
Cord'ai Green 2026
Grant Groves 2026
Donovan Haselwood 2026
Carter Hawkins 2026
Trent Heehs 2026
Louis Hendricks 2026
Harrison Herbstrith 2026
Coen Jackson 2026
Jaidon Johnson-Mimes 2026
Gabriel Jones
Corbin Kirkland 2026
Hayes Kutas 2026
Dylan Lane 2026
Will J Mason 2026
Trae McCormick 2026
Thomas McGoff 2026
Brady McLure 2026
Dwight McNeil 2026
Junior Meza 2026
Wyatt Miller 2026
Bryson Morris 2026
Charlie Oltremari 2026
Andrew Park 2026
Colby Perry 2026
Sebastian Renderos 2026
Myles Rice
Cole Ritchey 2026
Jack Ritchey 2026
Jeremiah Robinson 2026
Zach Rouse 2026
Kale Sanders 2026
Lucas Sawyer 2026
Elliott Shah 2026
Gray Shatley 2026
Trey Signaigo 2026
Sam Simmons 2026
Javon Slaton 2026
Walker Thomas Slattery 2026
Quinn Smith 2026
Caden Starnes 2026
John David Umsted 2026
Drew Van Epps 2026
Everette Walker
Dylan Watts 2026
John Henry Webster 2026
Connor Wendt 2026
Brady Williams
Nic Williams 2026
Carter Wyatt 2026
Lucca Ziskind 2026