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Christian Brothers High School

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Soccer - JV Gold


The Christian Brothers High School soccer program is one of storied excellence. With TEN state championships and six runner-up titles, CBHS soccer ranks among the nation’s most successful and competitive programs. Because of this, CBHS soccer attracts many of the area’s most talented players and students from within the community. Player development begins as a freshman and will continue throughout your time at CBHS. Our staff will strive to ensure that each student-athlete has what they need in order to succeed in the classroom, community, and on the field. CBHS soccer players benefit from first-class teachers, classes, programs, facilities, equipment, travel, schedule, and training within our program. Head coach Nick Glaser and staff use the game to work in conjunction with the mission of the school in order to help develop young men who are ready to make positive influences in their family, communities, and endeavors.




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# Name Position Class
Roman Brigance 2026
Alex Colley 2026
Patrick Duncan 2026
Jan Galvez 2026
Landon Heathcoat 2026
Adam Kelly 2026
Connor Lewis 2026
Joseph Lugo 2026
Joey Luther 2026
Trae McCormick 2026
Kenneth Melhado 2026
Madoc Michael 2026
Cody Miller 2026
Will Plummer 2026
Will Rose 2026
James Rump 2026
Jackson Stevens 2026
Luke Sublette 2025
Mario Tarjan 2026
Matthew Walters 2026
Nick Williams 2026

Discover all the Brotherhood has to offer!

From rigorous academics and competitive athletics, to student leadership and extracurriculars, to community service and spiritual growth, opportunities abound here. Discover why the student experience at Christian Brothers High School is unlike any other.


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The selected team was not found