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Sports Medicine & Resources

Our top priority at Christian Brothers High School is the formation of our Brothers' Boys, mind and body. Our athletic trainers are some of the finest in the region in partnership with Campbell Clinic. Dr. Fred Azar, CBHS team doctor and Campbell Clinic chief of staff, also serves as the team doctor for the Memphis Grizzlies and the Memphis Tigers.

The enclosed resources are provided to inform you of our school policies related to athletics, the actions necessary for parents of our student-athletes to take prior to their participation in sorts at CBHS, and recommendations for students' optimal success on the field of play.

Sports Medicine Paperwork


Sports Offered at CBHS

At CBHS, students can compete in 17 different Sports Programs. Our Brother's Boys have teams for eleven TSSAA approved sports programs at Varsity, Junior Varsity and Freshmen levels. We also have Clubs Sports that are competitive with other schools throughout the region and intramural sports.