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Student Support



Always contact your son’s teacher first. If you need additional assistance you may contact the Head of the Department using the Department Directory or contact our Counseling Department for more assistance.

Academic Peer Mentoring Program 

The Academic Peer Mentoring Program is designed for any student who needs extra support outside of the classroom.  The program will: 

  • Evaluate the student’s current study habits
  • Encourage development of effective study habits tailored to the individual student
  • Provide academic assistance with homework and preparing for tests

Contact your school counselor for referral to the Academic Peer Mentoring Program.  Students will be matched with an academic peer mentor based on meeting times, academic needs, interests, and involvements. 

"These days adolescence carry a lot of stress, therefore we try not to just react to a crisis but instead, be as proactive as we can"

Dr. Janet Hill, CBHS Director of Counseling

Math Lab

The peer-led Math Lab meets every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 7:15 a.m. and every Tuesday afternoon at 3:00 p.m. in Room 108 for any student needing help in Math. Students should also contact their teachers if they are having difficulty and seek peer tutoring through their academic counselor.

Language Lab

Schedule and details TBD.

One Search

One Search is the premier one-stop resource for source information for papers, essays, class projects, and research topics. It can be accessed here. (Login is required if accessing ONE SEARCH off campus). For additional help, e-mail Mrs. Jennifer McConnell at

Study Skills:

Students are encouraged to contact their teachers or counselors for help in improving their study skills. A study skills tutorial is available online through “High School Success Skills” in Prep Step at

Access the “Fostering Your Teen’s Success” resource, presented at the Oct. 24 Parent’s Association meeting. The presentation by Ben Boeving, ADHD Consultant, provided a wide array of suggestions for helping students stay focused, be organized, and reach their academic goals… great tools for all students!


Our Brothers' Boys come first

No matter what need our students may have from classroom assistance, note taking, extended test time, or whatever else, we will support their academic and mental wellness.