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Christian Brothers High School

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College Preparatory, On His Level

In keeping with St. John Baptist de La Salle’s mission, Christian Brothers High School offers a comprehensive academic program to a widely diverse group of learners. Our socioeconomic and neurological diversity are a real asset for our boys as they prepare for adult life - the world does not reside in the 90th percentile. With the understanding that our students have enrolled from105 different schools, thus begin from widely diverse bases of knowledge, our focus is to afford each student the opportunity to reach his fullest potential by ensuring that he is intellectually challenged, yet not overwhelmed or under-challenged.

No matter his background or plans for the future, college and career preparation begins as soon as a young man enters CBHS.

We utilize the latest technology and software to hone and reinforce math and reading comprehension skills. In addition, students have access to peer tutoring throughout the week.

De La Salle Scholars

The honors program at CBHS gathers a community of the most gifted and dedicated students to hold each other to the highest standards of academic achievement and leadership. The De La Salle Scholars are a group of boys bound together with common goals of serving the community and supporting one another in achieving extraordinary academic accomplishments. Members of this program will have the opportunity to take a wide range of AP and collegiate dual-enrollment classes throughout their four years.

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Discover all the Brotherhood has to offer!

From rigorous academics and competitive athletics, to student leadership and extracurriculars, to community service and spiritual growth, opportunities abound here. Discover why the student experience at Christian Brothers High School is unlike any other.


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Brothers' Boys hold each other to high standards

Everyday we support our students to reach their full potential and to become the best young men they can be. Academics excellence from our students is awarded with recognition for CBHS Honor Roll and National Honors Society.