Brothers Development Center (BDC)

The new multi-purpose athletic facility, the Brothers Development Center (BDC) opened in the fall of 2016. The $10 million complex is part of a series of major campus renovations that reflect the school’s commitment to the renewal of the 53-year-old campus at 5900 Walnut Grove Road.

The Brothers Development Center will accommodate more than 600 students who are currently participating in some form of organized sports. The 50,000 square foot facility hosts a variety of college athletics quality amenities such as two state-of-the-art training and weight rooms, a sports medicine and therapy area designed with input from Dr. Fred Azar, Chief of Staff at Campbell Clinic, a film and reception area with panoramic views of the schools’ athletic campus, a multi-function wrestling arena to accommodate one of the largest and most successful programs in the South, as well as expanded locker rooms for the two largest sports on campus, football and lacrosse.

Pender Library

The Pender Library houses more than 25,000 volumes and hosts a comprehensive collection of online databases.  The library is open throughout the school day to support the literary and research needs of students and faculty.  The Pender Library is named in honor of the late Eugene Pender, CBHS Class of 1942.

Tom Nix Stadium

Named for legendary football coach and athletic director Tom Nix, who was CBHS’ head coach from 1958-1990, Tom Nix Stadium has been home to Christian Brothers High School football since 1996. Those driving by the campus on Friday nights can see the 4,000-seat stadium alive with the excitement of CBHS's football tradition.

Other sports call Tom Nix Stadium their home as well. Soccer, Lacrosse, and Track and Field also benefit from the $2.7 Million dollar complex. In 2006, a state of the art artificial turf surface was installed. In 2018, the track was dedicated in honor of long-time track coach, Jack Moran '53.

Stephen Hall

Stephen Hall was dedicated in 1995 to the memory of long-time principal Brother Stephen O'Malley, FSC, and in tribute to the 400+ Brothers who have served at CBHS. Stephen Hall hosts the Offices of Advancement, Admissions, Alumni Affairs, and Communications.

Among the many events that are coordinated through these Offices, there are a special few that boast the most support and number of participants. The Alumni Golf Tournament and the Brothers' Open Golf Tournament find support from among CBHS's 11,000 alumni, with more than 5,000 residing in the Memphis area.

Stephen Hall is also the current home to the "Wave Shop" which offers CBHS specialty clothing and gift items.

Theater and Auditorium

The 400-seat theater is home to the CBHS Theatre program and is also the venue for meetings, concerts, and special events throughout the school year.  The theater/auditorium was recently renovated with all new seating and state-of-the-art multimedia projection and sound systems.

McEniry Hall/STEMM Building

Christian Brothers High School honored distinguished alumnus Robert McEniry ’59 and his wife Paula on Sept. 10, 2014 by dedicating a new building for ground-breaking science, technology, engineering, math and medicine (STEMM) programs in their name. McEniry Hall houses an innovative CBHS-Christian Brothers University (CBU) dual enrollment program that offers college classes and credits to CBHS students. The rigorous STEMM courses will nurture home-grown science and technology talent that companies will need for the high-skill jobs of the future.

McEniry Hall is also home to the Bill and Carol Marr Department of Business and Economics.

Giacosa Baseball Field and Fieldhouse

Named after the Giacosa family and winner of the 2002 National Field of the Year Award, Giacosa Baseball field seats more than 500 people and hosts Brothers Baseball home games, night and day. The field has spacious dugouts and facilities for concessions, restrooms, and field maintenance.

The Fieldhouse, finished for the 2006 season, is a state of the art facility which has three indoor batting cages and a weight room.  Locker rooms, coaches’ offices, and a video room are also a part of this brand new facility.


The CBHS Aquarium weighs 13 tons and contains 2250 gallons of water. 

The Aquarium at Christian Brothers High School
    Common Name      Scientific Name # in tank Sex
Africa: Lake Malawi    
Maison's Peacock Aulonocara maisoni 3 1m/2f
Yellowfin Copadichromis borleyi 4 unknown
Eye-Biter Dimidiochromis compressiceps 3 1m/2f
Jewel Cichlid Hemichromis bimaculatus 3 2m/1f
OB Mbuna Labeotropheus fuelleborni 1 1f
Scrapermouth Labeotropheus trewavasae 1 1f
Yellow Lab Labidochromis caeruleus 8 4m/4f
Perlmutt Labidochromis perlmutt 5 2m/3f
Rusty Cichlid Lodotropheus sprengerae 1 1m
Golden Cichlid Melanochromis auratus 2 2m
Electric Blue  Melanochromis johanni 1 1m
Cobalt Zebra Maylandia callainos 1 1m
Chewere Maylandia chewere 3 2m/1f
Bumble Bee Maylandia crabro 1 1m
Demasoni Maylandia demasoni 3 1m/2f
Red Zebra Maylandia estherae 2 2f
Redtop Cobalt Maylandia greshakei 4 2m/2f
Albino Red-fin Maylandia macropthalmus 2 2m
Kenyi Maylandia lombardoi 3 unknown
Powder Blue Maylandia socolofi 1 1m
Livinstoni Nimbochromis livingstonii 1 1f
Giraffe Nimbochormis venustus 3 unknown
Africa: Lake Tanganyika      
Humphead Cyphotilapia frontosa 1 1m
Africa: Lake Victoria      
Electric Hap Haplochromis electra 1 1m
Flameback Haplochromis sp "Flameback" 3 1m/2f
Uganda Fire Haplochromis sp "Uganda Fire" 2 2m
Crimson Tide Pundamilia sp "Crimson Tide" 2 1m/1f
Bala Shark Balantiocheilus melanopterus 4 unknown
Chinese Algae Eater Gyrinocheilus aymonieri 1 unknown
Central America      
Red Devil Amphilophus labiatus 1 1f
Jaguar Nandopsis managuensis 1 1f
Jack Dempsey Nandopsis octofasciatum 5 3m/2f
Firemouth Thorichthysi meeki 5 3m/2f
South America      
Blue Acara Aequidens pulcher 2 1m/1f
Oscar Astronotus ocellatus 4 1m/3f
Red-Belly Pacu Colossoma macropomum 2 unknown
Pleco Liposarcus pardalis 5 unknown
Headstander Leporinus octofasciatus 1 unknown
Spotted Cat Pimelodella pictus 1 unknown
TOTAL   97