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Daily Announcements

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  • Mission Results

    Yesterday we raised $1286.89 for the Child Discovery Center. While that is the lowest total all year I am hopeful that we will reach our goal. With 6 collections remaining we will need $9102.58 to meet our goal. That is about $1500 per collection. Yesterday Schneider House donated $4.30/man, Abban House $2.71/man and Luperius House $1.52/man.  Individual Advisories include 356:  $7/man, 320:  $6.68/man, 367:  $4.88/man and 112 with  $3.26/man.  25 Advisories had at least $1/man.  Thanks for your continued support!
  • Service Opportunities

    If you are looking for service opportunities over the Martin Luther King Day weekend, please take a look at the Service opportunity resource page or email Mr. Perry, dperry@cbhs.org.
  • Costa Rica

    This summer 12 CBHS students have the opportunity of a lifetime to travel to Costa Rica and participate in an exchange program with La Salle High School in San Jose.  All students are invited to register for the trip, but only 12 will be selected. If you are interested, please contact Josh Metcalf at jmetcalf@cbhs.org for more information.
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