CBHS Wave Club for Athletics, Arts, & Activities


In the fall of 2014, significant changes were made to improve the total “Brothers Experience” for our boys.   A robust Annual Fund combined resources and efforts of the Memphis Lasallian community into one organized annual effort. Recognizing that CBHS does not fully fund its extra-curricular and academic programs through tuition, for the first time ever, the 2014-15 Annual Fund allowed alumni, parents and friends of the school the opportunity to designate their annual pledge to the approved athletic team or program of their choice.  With a much broader outreach as a result of this change, our students received unprecedented support.

Building upon this success, and in keeping with our strategic plan to coordinate our financial support for our athletics, arts, and activities, we are continuing to focus on the success of our Annual Fund emphasis by launching the new CBHS Wave Club on July 1, 2015. This new organization provides our boosters the opportunity to be involved in any and all of CBHS Arts and Athletics by making a $500 minimum donation to the Annual Fund earmarked for CBHS Arts or CBHS Athletics. 


For more information regarding the CBHS Wave Club, please contact John Goode, Director of the CBHS Annual Fund, at (901) 261-4927 or jgoode@cbhs.org.