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Christian Brothers High School

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Discover CBHS

As the oldest all-boys school in Memphis, we have more than 150 years of experience shaping students into better Men for Tomorrow and preparing them to make meaningful contributions to the world.



All Hail the Purple Wave

Allow us to reintroduce ourselves.


Financially Accessible

We strive to preserve our student diversity and make the CBHS experience more affordable for our families. More than one-third of our student body receives need-based financial assistance.


Inclusive Environment

The Brotherhood is more than a tagline. We are a family that respects and values our differences, learns from them, and maintains lifelong relationships as a result of the bonds forged here. Our student body is made up of boys from more than 50 zip codes and 100 grade schools across the tri-state area. What’s more? Our individualized approach to counseling our students ensures every student is seen, heard, and supported throughout his journey at CBHS.


Athletic Excellence

Our longstanding tradition of excellence in athletics is one our community has always held in high esteem, and more than two-thirds of our student body participate in at least one sport. We proudly encourage involvement in one of 35 different sports opportunities offered at CBHS.


Evolving Curriculum

We provide our students opportunities for growth through a curriculum that challenges and engages them but also evolves with the times to prepare them for college and the careers that await them. In addition to more than 50 honors, dual-enrollment, and advance placement courses, we offer electives in fine arts, business, STEMM, and aviation. This fall, our aviation program reached new heights with the installation of an on-campus flight simulator!


Faith Formation

We are Catholic in faith, Lasallian in tradition, and respectful of diverse religious beliefs. Within our walls, every student is able, encouraged, and given the tools to grow in his unique relationship with God.


Christian Brothers High School is a community, inclusive of various religious, ethnic, and economic backgrounds, working together to achieve a shared mission steeped in Lasallian tradition: To give a human and Christian education to the young and to promote peace and justice, with a commitment to the service of the poor. 

This is the Brotherhood

You know it when you see it. Through participation in clubs and extracurriculars, classroom discussions and collaborative activities, the personal growth and Brotherhood you experience here lasts a lifetime and is shared with over 11,000 alumni worldwide. 

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At CBHS, we hold our students to the highest standard, but our education-style is a flexible and detailed approach. Every student's schedule is modified and adjusted to best place them in a position for success.

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We Are Brothers

"No matter where you come from, what school, what background... Everybody comes together. We're all from different places, but we come together for a common cause. We all want to see each other succeed."

Brotherhood. You know it when you see it, you know it when you feel it, and it's what makes the student experience at 5900 Walnut Grove Road unlike any other.


CBHS by the Numbers


of our graduates are accepted to college and leave CBHS with a clearly-defined post-secondary plan.


student-teacher ratio


In the past 5 years, 10 students have been named National Merit finalists, 27 have been commended for their performance, and 15 have achieved a perfect ACT score.


different sports programs offered


Clubs & Organizations


grade schools and 50+ different zip codes are represented in our current student body.