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CBHS ALUMNI ASSOCIATION--- Men for Tomorrow. Brothers for Life.

Men for Tomorrow. Brothers for Life.

As we begin our 146th year of the Brothers in Memphis, the tradition of St. John Baptist de LaSalle continues, with Christian Brothers High School  leading the Mid-South through excellence in academics and athletics. Everyone who has been involved with CBHS has helped to  build a tradition, a history,  and a reputation which is untouched by any other school in the city.

Another constant over the years at CBHS is our bond as alumni. One of the most common statements made about Christian Brothers graduates is how close we are as a whole. More than 10,900 living alumni throughout all 50 states and beyond is a testament to the good work that the Christian Brothers have accomplished through the years...over 11,000 strong, yet we are one!

Our greatest richness, as Brothers' Boys, lies in our people – Brothers, teachers, students and especially our fellow alumni. The boys who enter CBHS and endure its rigorous course of study graduate as men and are proud to take with them an incredible work ethic and  a strong Lasallian spirit. There is a wealth of talent and resources that sets our alumni apart and makes them valuable assets as they lead and serve their communities. 

The mission of the CBHS Alumni Association is to ensure that we never lose sight of this fact, and we encourage all of our alumni to be  involved with our association. The Alumni Association sponsors a number of events throughout the year, including tailgates, class reunions,  annual alumni golf tournaments,  distinguished alumnus awards,  quarterly alumni Mass and breakfasts, Lenten reflections, and annual fund drives.

The Office of Alumni Relations is located inside Stephen Hall and is open from 7:30 a.m. until 4 p.m. during the school day. For more information, contact Janet Hill, Director of Alumni Relations, at  901.261.4930 or alumni@cbhs.org.


Reunion Planning


The CBHS Alumni Office is ready and willing to help with your reunion planning. Whether your class joins the festivities of our annual Homecoming Reunion Weekend or wants to plan their own reunion activities, we can help make your reunion special  Visit our Class Reunion webpage for reunion planning guides or contact Janet Hill at alumni@cbhs.org or 901-261-4936. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Christian Brothers High School honored John M. Barzizza (CBHS Class of 1966) as its 2016 Distinguished Alumnus during the November 9 induction ceremony in Heffernan Hall for 59 new members of the National Honor Society.  (Click here for the text of the speech.)
2017-18 Alumni Board

Alumni Board Officers
President – Matt Garibaldi ‘99
Vice-President – Jonathan Lyons ‘93
Secretary – Michael Franks ‘04 
Treasurer – Clay Tidwell ‘96
Past President –Bobby Daush ‘02 

Alumni Board Members 
Harry DeSaix ‘57
Mike Ehrlicher ‘58
John G. Metz ’54 
Jerry Harkins ‘57 
Sam Dino ‘60
Terry Glaser ‘64
John King '66
Louis Montesi ‘67 
Joe Bergdoll ‘71 
Bill Callahan ‘72
Andy Gaia ’75 
Greg Pohlman ‘77 
Kenny Myers '80 
Ray Ricossa, Jr. '82  
Dan Wilson ‘84 
Sam Posey '85
Will Gossett ’89 
Michael Pratt ‘93
Jay Fik ’97 
David Umsted ‘98
Aubrey Tucker ‘05 
Alex Boggs ‘06
J Pallme ‘08
Bruck Brucker '09
Jake Garbuzinski ‘10 
Kevin Brazzell ‘11

 CBHS Alumni Association Past Presidents 
 Percy L. Roberts, Jr. ’44 1978-1979
 Louis E. Ricossa, Jr. ’48 1988-1991
 H. Pat Heffernan ’50 1991-1992
 Milburn K. Noell, Jr. ’47 1992-1993
 John M. Barzizza ’66 1993-1994
 Joseph M. Evangelisti ’75 1994-1995
 Thomas L. Williams ’78 1995-1996
 Timothy J. Moran ’82 1996-1997
 David J. Peterson ’73 1997-1998
 Gary E. Stavrum ’84 1998-1999
 Steven G. Fracchia ’86 1999-2000
 Brien L. Dunn ’78 2000-2001
 Sam L. Posey, Jr. ’85 2001-2002
 Timothy J. Moran ’82 2002-2003
 Jonathan E. Lyons ’93 2003-2004
 Thomas P. Dorian ’79 2004-2005
 Damon R. Waxler ’85 2005-2006
 Jay Fik ’97 2006-2007
 R. Miles Mason, Sr. ’83 2007-2008
 John Schaffler, Jr. ’46 2008-2009
 Mark E. Mosteller ’80 2009-2010
 Eugene C. Mangiante, III ’98 2010-2011
 Ray Ricossa, Jr. ’82 2011-2012
 Lawrence H. "Buddy" Adams '57 2012-2013
 Samuel L. Posey '85 2013-2014 
 Kenny Myers '80 2014-2015
 John King '66 2015-2016
 Bobby Daush '02 2016-2017