Christian Brothers High School Principal Newsletter

Volume 1

Issue 8

March 2017

• Turning Tides speaker series, Dr. Frances Jensen
         - 7 pm, Heffernan Hall

  MARCH 3-5
• Varsity Lacrosse tournament
        - All day, Tom Nix Stadium  

    MARCH 5
• A Taste of CBHS/A Taste of the Arts
        - 5:00 - 7:30 pm, Heffernan Hall

    MARCH 10
• End of 3rd quarter
    MARCH 13-17
• Spring Break (no classes)

    MARCH 20
• Beginning of 4th quarter

    MARCH 23
• Brothers@Work Career Day
         - 8 am - 10 am, classrooms

     MARCH 29
• BLC General Assembly meeting
         - 815 am, Heffernan Hall

       APRIL 1
• Prom
         - 8-11 pm, The Columns





Because of the ongoing construction, the increased number of students, and the growing number of students driving, there is a limited amount of parking on the CBHS campus. Thus, we ask for everyone's patience, attentiveness, and awareness when maneuvering around the parking lots.


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From Principal

Chris Fay


Recently I was listening to Ann Garrido, who is a Catholic theologian, discuss the idea of conversio morum as it applies to Benedictine monks. Within the Benedictine tradition this phrase symbolizes the Benedictine commitment to community life. Furthermore, it is translated by some to mean openness to change through a routine of prayer and discipline. Garrido translates it as conversion through regular conversation with God.

This Lenten season (40 days) it is our prayer that all our students (and you) will enter into conversations with God. We do not live a monastic life and change in our lives is constant. I wonder how often we have open and honest conversations with God to help guide those decisions that lead to change in the lives of our children and families.

Our non-monastic lifestyles require conversio morum. Lent is the ideal season in which to establish discipline and routine in our prayer lives. The Benedictines recognize that through this disciplined approach, God can work through us and within us to help us grow closer to Him. We can all learn from the Benedictines and it is our prayer that during this Lenten season we will all have conversion experiences that help us grow closer to God’s plan.

God Bless,

Chris Fay


LENTEN REFLECTIONS are published daily on the CBHS website. In the words of Brother Chris Englert, FSC, "Over the next 40 days, we will follow the journeys of alumni, faculty, students and friends. Their struggles, insights, and faith can be sources of support and inspiration as we examine our own lives in preparation for Easter Sunday."

(Click here for the link.)



From: Dr. Jamie Brummer, Dean of Academics

Spring is in the air at CBHS and as the temperatures warm many of the boys are getting increasingly active with extra-curricular activities. Please do everything you can to keep the academic fires burning and keep your son focused on his coursework as we head into the 4th quarter. Here a few important dates to keep on your Academic Calendar for the month of March:

  • Dr. Frances Jensen will speak at CBHS the evening of Thursday, March 2nd at 7:00 PM.
  • The 3rd Quarter ends on Friday, March 10th.    
  • The SAT will be given at CBHS on Saturday, March 11th.
  • Spring Break is the week of the March 13th-17th.
  • The 4th Quarter begins on Monday, March 20th.

 St. Agnes Academy-St. Dominic School is hosting a talk by Dave Thomas "Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys", sponsored by Grace Co. on March 30. (Click here for the sign-up and more information.)


From Jeff Blancett, Director of Counseling Services

As the days get longer and the temperature begins to warm up, you can bet, Spring is just around the corner. As tempting as it might be for your son to stay out and enjoy the nice weather instead of staying on top of the academics, don’t let him. Those of you who have had sons already graduate know of what I speak; “Senioritis”. For those of you unfamiliar with this malady, it mainly effects seniors in high school, but has been known to afflict underclassmen as well. It is a condition characterized by laziness, procrastination, apathy, dismissive attitude and decline in motivation with all things related to school. To date, the only known cure is graduation or the end of the school year. Parents can play a big part in helping prevent “senioritis”. Continue to encourage your son to stay focused and finish the year off strong. We are in the home stretch and if your son lost a little ground in the 3rd quarter, this is the time to make it up.

The last ACT testing hosted at CBHS will be April 8th. There is still time to register for this test. The last date for regular registration is March 3rd. Late registration is open until March 17th, but is will cost an additional $27.50. The last ACT testing of the 2016-17 school year is June 10th, however, CBHS is NOT a testing location for that date. It is also the last qualifying ACT for the Hope Lottery scholarship for seniors.

In the next few weeks the counselors will begin finalizing your son’s course selection for next year. Now would be a good time to have him retrieve his course selection on his CBHS student account. Parents can also view the course selections by going to your son’s page, clicking on Academics and then clicking on Course Requests.

The counseling staff was dealt some sad news earlier this month. Many of you were probably aware that Ms. Valerie Jones, CBHS Director of College Counseling, was diagnosed with lymphoma last spring. As she underwent chemo throughout the summer, she was able to continue her normal duties during summer credit recovery and she was cancer free by the time school resumed in August. A few weeks ago, recent scans determined that the lymphoma had returned and will require more aggressive treatment. However, this treatment regimen will require several weeks of hospitalization. The treatment along with the unfortunate side effects of chemo has severely weakened her immune system. Consequently, acting upon the medical advice of her doctors, Ms. Jones will not be returning to CBHS. As we move forward, our faculty is prepared to stand in for her. Please contact the following faculty member in the following situations:

Sherry Orians:  - issues regarding transcripts and records
Paula Mistretta:  - any college-related, Dual Enrollment, and AP matters
Dr. Jeff Blancett:  - scheduling, academic matters, or personal problems
Mike Skirius:  - issues related to learning problems and extended time testing

This May will mark the end of a 27-year career in college and school counseling for Ms. Jones. She has worked tirelessly, preparing thousands of students for college and for life beyond high school. Her work with NACAC, SACAC and as President the Memphis Area College Board each fall, has benefited not only the students of CBHS but students across Memphis, the region, and the nation.

Please join us in keeping Ms. Jones in your thoughts and prayers as she begins another round of cancer treatment. It is our hope that this round of treatment will be as successful as the first and she will once again be declared to be cancer-free.
Until next month, enjoy the nicer weather and a much-needed Spring Break.

The CBHS Counselors


From Tim O'Kane, Assistant Dean of Students

Status of Clash III:

Clash III is underway and we are moving quickly toward the Finals. So far Flavian House is in first place with Abban House tracking close behind. Competition is keen and every point counts, so be sure to encourage your son to give it his all! Upcoming events are a CBHS Movie Night, Trivia Competitions III and IV, Spring Sports Support, and the Theater Production Support on April 6, 7 & 8th. Clash III will end April 8th and the Day at the Redbirds for the winning House is May 1st. For newcomers, the Day at the Redbirds is a day down at Autozone Park watching the Redbirds take on the Round Rock Express (Texas Rangers AAA), with bussing provided to and from CBHS, an all you can eat/drink buffet and prizes. Prizes for 2nd place and individual House winners for each grade level are also provided.


Schneider House Day of Service (February 26):

On Sunday, Feb. 26 a group of Schneider House students had a day of service to the poor. After bowling at the Bass Pro Pyramid, they hit the streets of downtown handing out snack packs to the homeless living on the streets of downtown.




Mock Trial Team (February 15):

The CBHS Mock Trial team, coached by CBHS alumnus Mr. Gregory Krog ’77, competed in the 2017 Tennessee State High School Mock Trial competition at the Shelby County Courthouse last week. The Purple Wave team made it into the knock out round of the competition but were eliminated by a team from MUS. This is the second year for the CBHS Mock Trial Team. Mr. Krog was pleased with the students' devotion, efforts, progress and proficiency in the courtroom.



From: Lindsey Neuman, Lasallian Animator

Words from St. John Baptist de la Salle

“Earnestly ask Jesus that his Spirit may be alive in you.”

The Brothers’ Way

The young boys who enter CBHS are challenged to grow into young men of faith and character. Throughout their experience as a Brothers’ Boy, they will learn about the Brothers’ Way—a set of virtues that each Brothers’ Boy should embody in his life. Each month throughout the school year, teachers and students will focus on a different virtue in order to expand their understanding of themselves and the world around them. These virtues each connect to one of the 5 Lasallian Core Principles.

During the months of February and March, we focus specifically on the Lasallian Core Principle—Faith in the Presence of God. Without faith, CBHS would not exist. Every day and every class we pray. Consistently spending time with God in prayer gives us zeal for life. When we are committed to God, the Holy Spirit moves us and we become zealous. The Brothers’ Way virtue for March is Zeal. We want a rich life that is driven and passionate, but it all starts with prayer. Consider the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” Take some time this month to discuss with your son the importance of zeal not only in his prayer life but in all aspects of life.




Prayer for Zeal


Lord of Life,
You desire that all should turn back to you and live. You are the Father of all the living. Pour into my soul your life and goodness. Fill me with zeal for your good and holy will. Help me overcome the sins of apathy and indifference. Give me strength to joyfully embrace the cross with your Son. I invite your Holy Spirit to live in me and move me throughout this day, so that I may be a lively Christian to all those around me. Amen.

Lasallian Youth

Lasallian Youth will be joining CBHS Sacramento on their Civil Rights Trip to Memphis March 5 & 6. Contact Mr. Perry at for more information.


March Mass
The season of Lent began with Ash Wednesday on March 1. Father Joey Kaump, pastor of St. Anne Catholic Church, celebrated Mass with us that morning.

Thursday Morning Mass

  We will continue offering Mass every Thursday morning at 7:20 am in the Brothers’ chapel. Each week the Mass will be offered for the intentions of a different organization or team on campus, but all are welcome to attend.

Thursday, March 2, Mass will be said for the intentions of the lacrosse teams.
Thursday, March 9, Mass will be said for the intentions of Anthony House.

Thursday, March 23, Mass will be said for the intentions of the bowling team.
Thursday, March 30, Mass will be said for the intentions of Bernardine House.

St. John Baptist de La Salle. Pray for us.
Live Jesus in our hearts. Forever.


From Mike Kelly, Director of Athletics

What a wonderful start to March! The weather is unseasonably warm and our spring sports are well underway in preparation for the final months of the school year. Winter sports have wrapped up with Wrestling and Basketball both having tremendous seasons! Wrestling finished 3rd in the State as Senior Trevor Brown was an Individual State Champion. Basketball finished their exciting season going 6-0 in Region play and 25-4 overall.

The Spring Season is the busiest of all with eight sports competing. Baseball and Soccer will be looking to repeat as State Champions! Lacrosse, Rugby, Tennis, Track, Trap, and Water Polo will also strive to build on their programs successes. Over Spring Break, our teams travel and seek out the best competition across the country! Mark your calendar to get out to an event and support our athletes. The uncertain weather always plays havoc with schedules – cancellations and make-up dates! Please consult the school website or the individual team websites to verify game times.

A few key dates are below:

March 3-5    Memphis Lacrosse Weekend, Tom Nix Stadium, All Day
March 18     Baseball vs Houston, Giacosa Field, 7:00 PM
March 25     Rugby vs CBC-St. Louis, USA Stadium, 11:00 AM
March 28     Track Meet, Tom Nix Stadium, 4:00 PM
March 31     Soccer vs ECS, Tom Nix Stadium, 7:00 PM