Christian Brothers High School
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Thought for the Day: "Don't give up because things are hard, but work harder, when you think of giving up."

Library Deadlines

Just a reminder that all library books must be turned in and any fines paid by 8:00 a.m., Tuesday, May 22nd. 

Laptop Collection Process

ATTENTION STUDENTS: The laptop collection process has changed this year. Please listen carefully.
ATTN Freshmen & Sophomores - You will turn in your laptop to your 2nd period teacher after the 2nd period exam.
ATTN Juniors Only- Any Junior who is exempt from their ALL of their exams would need to turn in their laptop today in the DLC. Only Juniors who have no exams will need to turn in their laptops today in the DLC(room 409). 

If you are a Junior with a 2nd period exam- you will turn in your laptop to your 2nd period teacher after you finish your exam.

If you do not have a 2nd period exam- Please turn in your laptop in the DLC (room 409) after your last exam.

Any student enrolled in MAS will still be required to turn in their laptop. 

Job opening at Pete & Sams

The newly renovated Pete and Sam's restaurant on Park Ave, is looking for CBHS boys to work valet parking.  Contact Greg Jones at 351-2005 if you are interested. You have to be 18 years old and have a clean DMV record.

Job Opening

Need Drivers, Come fill out an application at:
Lynn Doyle Flowers & Events
6225 Old Poplar Pike (we moved last year)
See Lane Doyle