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<<<<<>April 2016
April 2016

Apr, 2016

Baseball HOME vs Hinsdale, IL
NO SCHOOL Easter Monday
Varsity Baseball - Hinsdale, IL
School Resumes Regular Schedule
Baseball at Harding Academy 4:30pm at HOME at 7:30
Varsity Baseball - Harding Academy
Varsity Baseball - St. Bede Academy, IL
Soccer at Houston Middle School 7:00pm
Baseball HOME vs Highland Park, IL 7:00pm JV at 4:30pm
Faculty meeting schedule - General
JV Purple Soccer - Houston High School
Varsity Soccer - Houston
Varsity Baseball - Highland Park, IL
Morning Assembly Schedule - Easter Mass in Heffernan Hall
Freshmen Baseball 7:00pm HOME vs Bartlett
Rugby vs Germantown at CBHS 5:00
Mandatory Prom Parents Meeting in Heffernan Hall 7:00
Mission Collection Day
Baseball HOME vs, St. George's 7:00pm, JV at 4:30pm
JV Purple Soccer vs Germantown at HOME
Varsity Baseball - St. George's
Varsity Soccer vs Germantown at HOME
Varsity Lacrosse vs MBS 1 pm, JV vs MBA 11 AM (Tom Nix)
CBHS Prom at Minglewood Hall 8-11pm
Freshmen Baseball HOME vs Arlington 4:30pm JV at 7:00pm
Rugby vs Freedom Prep at USA 10:30am
Varsity Lacrosse - Montgomery Bell Academy
JV Lacrosse - Montgomery Bell Academy
Ladies of Charity
Buildings and Grounds meeting 3:30 Stephen Hall
Founder's Week
JV Purple Soccer - Collierville High School
Varsity Baseball - Germantown
Baseball at Germantown High 7:00pm, JV at 4:30
Josten's Class Ring Showing in the Auditorium at 8:45am Seniors at lunchtime for pick up
JV Lacrosse - Arlington
Varsity Baseball - St. Benedict Academy
Baseball HOME vs St. Benedict 7:00pm, Benedict 7:00pm JV at 4:30
Faculty Schedule - Celebration of Service
Baseball at St. George’s 7:00pm, JV at 4:30
Varsity Baseball - St. George's
Founder's Day Mass in gym
Afternoon Assembly Schedule
Rugby vs Soulsville at CBHS 5:30pm
JV Baseball at Bartlett Park 6:30, Freshmen at 4:00pm
Founder's Day Alumni Summit meeting - 6 pm
Soccer vs Calhoun at McCallie H S 6:00pm
JV Baseball at Houston 6:00pm
Rugby vs. PCA at UofM 5:30pm
Varsity Baseball - TBA - Perfect Game Invitational (DH)
JV Lacrosse - Collierville
Varsity Lacrosse - Collierville
Freshmen Baseball at Collierville 3:30 & JV vs Houston at HOME 7:00pm
Soccer at McCallie H S 2:00pm
Varsity Baseball - TBA - Perfect Game Invitational (DH)
JV Lacrosse - St. Georges's
Basketball Banquet in Heffernan 5:00pm
Student Life Committee meeting
JV Gold Soccer vs Arlington, HOME at 5:00pm
Freshmen Baseball HOME vs Collierville 4:30pm, JV at 7:00pm
Class Ring orders due in Auditorium at 8:45am
Rugby vs White Station at CBHS 5:30pm
Faculty meeting schedule - Department
15 All State Honors Chorus
Soccer - Rivals Classic time TBA
JV Lacrosse - Brentwood LC
Varsity Lacrosse - Brentwood LC
JV Purple Soccer - Germantown
Mission Collection Day
Baseball at Munford High 7:00pm, JV at 4:30pm
Varsity Soccer - White Station
Baseball HOME vs Munford High 7:00pm, JV at 4:30pm
JV Purple Soccer - Bearden JV
Varsity Soccer - Bearden
Baseball HOME vs. Clinton 3:00p.m.
Rugby vs Father Ryan at UofM, time TBA
JV Baseball Home vs Bartlett 10:30am, Clinton at 1:00pm, Freshmen at Bartlett Park 1:00
Belhaven Football Camp Tom Nix Stadium 10-2
JV Lacrosse - Houston LC
Varsity Soccer - CAK
Kicking World Camp from 11-5pm at the Stadium
Wrestling Banquet in Heffernan Hall
Baseball HOME vs Houston 7:00pm, JV at 4:30pm
Track Meet 3:30-6:30
Ambassador Interviews 7-8am & 3-4pm
Pep Rally Schedule - Student Teacher Basketball Game
Baseball HOME vs Collierville 7:00pm, JV at 4:30pm
JV Purple Soccer - Briarcrest
Varsity Soccer - Briarcrest
Faculty meeting schedule - General
Freshman Baseball at Bartlett Park 6:30pm, JV HOME vs Houston 7:00pm
Soccer at MUS 7:00pm
JV Lacrosse - Briarcrest
Crazy Town 7pm in the auditorium
Varsity Lacrosse - St. Georges's
JV Baseball at Houston 6:30pm
Class Ring orders Due 8:45 in the auditorium
JV Purple Soccer - MUS
Brothers Lacrosse Club 5:00 pm & 6:30 pm on Tom Nix Turf
JV Lacrosse - SBA
Varsity Soccer - MUS
Baseball HOME vs ECS 7:00pm
JV LAX at St Benedict 6:00pm
Crazy Town 1pm in the auditorium
Rugby conference Tournament at USA
Baseball at ECS 7:00pm, 4:30pm
Varsity Soccer - St. George's
Varsity Lacrosse - Carmel High School (Indiana)
Brothers' Open Dinner in Heffernan Hall
Varsity Lacrosse - Culver Academy Prep (Indiana)
JV Lacrosse - Ravenwood
Second Semester Service Hours Due for Seniors
Brothers' Open Golf Tournament at Spring Creek Ranch
Baseball HOME vs FACS 7:00pm, JV at 4:30pm
Transition to College program for Seniors
Pitner Driving School at CBHS
JV Lacrosse - White Station
Baseball at Houston High 7:00pm, JV at 4:30pm
Junior class ring order due, turn in at lunch to Josten's
JV Purple Soccer - SBA
Cross Country Parents meeting in Heffernan Hall lobby
Soccer vs SBA at Home 7:00pm
Varsity Baseball - Houston
Faculty meeting schedule - LaSallian
Baseball HOME vs Bartlett 7:00pm, 4:30pm
Soccer at ECS 7:00 pm
Varsity Lacrosse - Memphis University School
Mission Collection Day
Brothers@Work Learning Lunches, Heff. Hall Conference Rm. (4th period, 6th period lunches)
JV Purple Soccer - ECS
JV Lacrosse - Memphis University School
Varsity Soccer - ECS
Varsity Lacrosse at MUS 7:00pm
Honor Societies Inductions Ceremony in the Auditorium
Freshmen Baseball at HOME vs Arlington at 4:00
Baseball at Regional Round Robin T.B.A.
JV Lacrosse - Father Ryan
Varsity Lacrosse - Father Ryan
Rugby Semi State Tournament at USA
JV Purple Soccer - Bartlett
Senior Mother Son Luncheon 11:00 am
JV Purple Soccer - Arlington
Mesa Dance in Heffernan Hall 5-11pm
No Classes Half Day Faculty Meeting Morning Assembly Afternoon Assembly
Pep Rally Late Start Exam Day Test Day Advisory

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