CBHS Brothers of Faith Choirs Receive Choral Honors

CBHS Brothers of Faith Choirs Receive Choral Honors

Choral Festival is an event held in three areas in Tennessee (West, Middle, and East) and choirs that score high enough qualify to go to State Festival level. Choirs compete for ratings from I (highest) to V (lowest) and are adjudicated by three choral clinicians and one judge for sight reading. There are approximately 75 choirs that competed in the West Region last week, and only a small number of choirs received Sweepstakes Awards (I's from all judges and I's in sight reading).

The Christian Brothers High School Men's Chorus and Chamber Choir received Sweepstakes (I, I, I, I), and Honors Chorus received a Superior (I, I, II+, I). All three groups qualify for the State Choral Festival to be held in April. This success comes after students placing in All West, All State, All Nationals, Solo and Ensemble, Governor's School for the Arts, and students also submitting works for the Choral Composers Competition

“I am very proud for of the boys for their excellent work,” said Michael Williams, CBHS Brothers of Faith Director. “I hope this blesses you, as it has me. I am so very proud of my students.”

“Choral Fest was an awesome experience because it was an opportunity for the Brothers of Faith to really shine and show other schools what we have, “ said freshman Owen Tyron. “I enjoyed listening to other choirs from all over Western Tennessee because I got to hear different types of music and different types of choirs such as soprano, alto, and baritone (SAB), to 1st tenor, 2nd tenor, baritone, and bass (TTBB), which is the type of choir we are. The best part though, was when we heard that we had gotten all 1s (which is really good) and superiors in everything, sending us to the state choral fest! I cannot wait to go tackle state with my fellow Brothers!”

“Choral Festival gives newer choir members a chance to experience the excitement—and slight stress—of competition and gives them confidence that they can succeed as members of these groups,” said sophomore Daniel Ward. “I enjoyed the fact that this year we were prepared despite time constraints and used that morale boost to put out a product that resonated well with the audience of other talented choirs, with Mr. Williams, and the judges.”

Junior Parker Pirtle joined the Brothers of Faith Men's Choir his freshman year. “Everyone in the room loved Mr. Williams and the work we did in choir, but few understood how good our choir had the potential to be,” said Pirtle. “My sophomore year was the first year that we went to choral festival. The entire experience was exciting after we had two of our three choirs make it to the state level, but the biggest group, men's chorus, still lacked the commitment and drive to do really well. This year that all changed. Many new students came into choir not sure what to expect but it immediately clicked. All three groups this year have worked harder and put in more work than any of the choirs in the past, but this is not at the past choir's fault. The students that assisted Mr. Williams in building this program from the ground up in the past 5+ years are to thank for our success today. The Brothers of Faith Choir is highly respected by the choral community of Tennessee, and continually raises the standard of singing for city and state choral festival. I think I speak for all of the returning vocalists when I say that this year's group is really something special.”

Williams also praised some students in particular.

“Trevor Brown is entering The Darkest Days, Spencer Germany is entering Luctus and Echo, and Daniel Ward is entering There Will Be Soft Rains and A Gaelic Blessing. All of these works are SATB (for female/male choirs), most are A Cappella, and all are their own original musical ideas, melodic structures, chordal progressions, and creativity. They are amazing. “

“Daniel Ward's A Gaelic Blessing is stunning. I have it here (see below) and I would strongly encourage you to take the three minutes it takes to watch/listen to it - you will be impressed beyond measure.”