Record number of CBHS students make All-West Band and Orchestra

Record number of CBHS students make All-West Band and Orchestra

Congratulations to the following CBHS band members who placed in the All-West Band Auditions this past weekend in Jackson, TN. This year, we had 22 students place in the festival, more than any other year to date.

Kyle Rains on Tuba, Noah Hubbard on French Horn, Matthew Hubbard on Clarinet, Max Thielemier on Bass Clarinet, Andrew Devall on Trumpet, and Ian Shapiro on Percussion all made the top Blue Band. Austin Lopez on Alto Saxophone, Will Thomas on Trombone, Justin Labilles on Percussion, Daniel Smith on Clarinet, Jonathan Franklin on French Horn, Nick Ireland on French Horn, and Andrew Monti on Trombone made the Red Band. Sam Magnin on Trumpet, Yitao Li on Flute, Seth Klumph on Flute, James McMillan on Clarinet, Andrew Scherson on Tenor Saxophone, Connor Singleton on Baritone Saxophone, Jonathan Forcherio on Trombone, and Austin Wright on Trombone all made Alternate Positions. Antonio Gonzalez placed in the All West Orchestra.

Andrew Devall, Noah Hubbard, and Kyle Rains will be moving on to All State in April.

Founded in 1872, the Christian Brothers Band is the oldest high school band in America. Patrick Bolton (CBHS '95) is Band Director.

(PHOTO) Members of the CBHS Band who made the All-West Band and Orchestra are (from left): Sam Mangin, Austin Wright, Justin Labilles, Andrew Devall, Andrew Monti, Yitao Li, Kyle Rains, Ian Shapiro, James McMillan, Connor Singleton, Matthew Hubbard, Nick Ireland, Will Thomas, Daniel Smith, Jonathan Franklin, Andrew Scherson, Noah Hubbard, Austin Lopez, Jonathan Forcherio, Seth Klumph, Max Thielemier, and Antonio Gonzales.