St. Jude Hospital research scientist visits bio-medical classes

St. Jude Hospital research scientist visits bio-medical classes

Dr. Richard Smeyne, a neurologist and research scientist at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, visited Christian Brothers High School last week. Dr. Smeyne brought two presentations. The first was a forensic case study that offered class participation for the freshman Bio-Medical classes that spend the whole year solving a forensic case while learning about health conditions of today.

" It included pictures from autopsies, but nothing worse than they would see if they watched the TV show Bones or CSI," said science department chairman Don Whittington.

The second presentation about his research and had some participation, but definitely deeper science on Parkinson’s and Neurobiology. This presentation was for our AP Biology students and the Medical Interventions class (our Junior year PLTW biomed class).

These presentations offered him a few practice runs for a high school program, "St. Jude Science Scholars," that St. Jude will implement in February, 2016. This one-day seminar will include approximately 250 - 300 juniors and seniors from high schools in Shelby County.