Marker in memorial garden dedicated to single mothers

Marker in memorial garden dedicated to single mothers

A granite marker greets the visitors to the Sandridge Garden at Christian Brothers High School and its inscribed words could well have been penned by St. Monica, mother of St. Augustine. History could call Monica the “patroness of worried mothers”, and the granite marker in our garden is dedicated to all the widowed or otherwise single mothers who sent their sons to CBHS to receive guidance, education, faith and fraternity.

Freshman David Cook in 1965 started his high school career the first day that the school operated on Walnut Grove 50 years ago this past September. He describes himself as one of those sons who needed a home like CBHS to augment the good care of his widowed mother. He embraced, reluctantly at first, the shepherding by the Brothers and their lay colleagues. Ralph Hale, laureate CBHS band director, did the lion’s share of that shepherding and was successful in that David became his band president senior year and excelled in clarinet playing. David would graduate in 1969 and earn his bachelor’s degree and his doctor of law degree. He became one of Shelby County’s foremost defense attorneys for medical doctors and his legal colleagues.

Over the years David has done his own “lion’s share” of assisting the CBHS Band through tuition/equipment funding and mentoring band members. His mentoring and friendship extends as well to CBHS Band graduate Patrick Bolton who heads up in wonderful style the band today. David and his wife Theresa have directed their estate to CBHS. Thus, they will continue to “mentor” CBHS for years to come.

The granite marker was blessed and dedicated in a short ceremony Oct. 12. It reads: “In Memory of Theo Allen Cook, 1914-2000, and all the mothers whose profound wisdom sent their troubled sons to the Brothers.” The band played, under the direction of Bolton, and David offered words of praise and encouragement for the Brothers and all who have sacrificed to send their sons to CBHS.